Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Mil Millington: Love and other near-death experiences

Rob Garland is getting married in two months. Oddly, however, this is the least of his problems. More vexing than the seating arrangements, the choice of wedding stationery - more even that the savagely obscene expense of everything - is the fact that Rob should be dead: and he knows it. Faced with an ultimatum from his girlfriend to either sort himself out, or call the wedding (and the whole relationship) off, he sets about trying to come to terms with how it is that, somehow, he's still inexplicably breathing. After pouring his heart out to the listeners on his late-night radio jazz show, he soon finds himself teamed up with others who really ought not to be alive, but who - for random, meaningless and, frankly, stupid reasons - unaccountably are.

This is an entertaining read about luck and second chances in life. Millington's humorous way of telling Rob's sometimes surreal story means that the reader does not feel overwhelmed and although there is a slightly more sinister undertone than in "Things my girlfriend and I have argued about", the reader is not left reflecting too seriously about chances and opportunities. A good read, and although not as light-hearted as "Things my girlfriend and I have argued about", I'd still recommend it...

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