Thursday, 25 October 2012

Linda Sonna: Everything Tween Book

A guidebook for dealing with Tweens. The tween years fall between the ages of eight and twelve and can often be a challenging time for both parents and children. This books helps to navigate the trying years between childhood and adolescence and covers serious issues as eating disorders and school violence as well as tolerance for pink and blue hair. The book helps understand the child's psychological, social and emotional needs.

Interesting. Some very fascinating insights into the psyche of young children and pre-teens.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sarah Tucker: The playground mafia

Meet Caroline Gray: divorcee and newly-single mother. Firmly closing the door on her acrimonious divorce, Caroline and son Ben have moved to trendy Frencham where they join Caroline's long-time best friends, Heather and Eva. Settling into their new life is easy, but nothing has prepared Caroline for the demands of motherhood at The Sycamore, the school the trio's beloved offspring attend. Forget classroom bullies, forget trips to the head's office, this is full-scale adult playground politics. This is battle with the mothers who won't take no for an answer -- the Playground Mafia.

Easy chick-lit. This was quite funny in the middle, whilst the first few pages and the ending weren't that brilliant. The story about bullying amongst mothers on the school playground could have been explored a lot more, in greater detail and in more funny ways. But still quite relaxing...