Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Nicole Förg: Hüttengaudi - ein Alpenkrimi

Kommissarin Irmi Mangold ärgert sich: Warum hat sie sich nur von ihrer Nachbarin zu dieser albernen Schrothkur in Oberstaufen überreden lassen? Und dann steht sie am Urlaubsort plötzlich vor einem Toten, der ihr mehr als bekannt vorkommt: ihrem Exmann Martin Maurer ... Währenddessen hat es Kollegin Kathi Reindl in Garmisch mit dem toten Liftmann Xaver Fischer zu tun, der zu Lebzeiten im Skiklub mitmischte. Ein arger Dorn im Auge war ihm die moderne Skihütte, deren Wirte er so piesackte, dass sie schließlich verkaufen wollten. Zwei Mordfälle an zwei verschiedenen Orten, aber beide Male dieselbe Todesursache – alles nur Zufall?

Unterhaltsamer Krimi mit guter Charakterisierung einiger Figuren, obwohl manche Wendung weit her geholt oder zu offensichtlich und klischehaft waren. Entspannung garantiert!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

James Bowen: Bob - no ordinary cat

A special edition for children age 11 and above, featuring 8 pages of photographs. 'We are all given second chances every day of our lives, but we don't usually take them. Then I met Bob.' James Bowen was a homeless musician, busking on the streets of London to survive. But the moment he met an injured stray cat with ginger fur and big green eyes, his life began to change. Together James and Bob the cat faced the world - and won.

After all the animal stories with horses and dogs, I chose to read yet another story talking about the friendship between animals and their owners and how caring for an animal can change your life. Again, this was a children's and young adult version, but thoroughly enjoyable.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Michael Morpurgo: Born to run

When Patrick saves a litter of greyhound puppies from the canal, he can’t bear to hand them all over to the RSPCA. He pleads with his parents: couldn’t he just keep one of them? But nothing will convince them and Patrick cries himself to sleep – only to be woken by a greyhound puppy licking his face! Patrick christens his puppy Best Mate, and that’s what he becomes. Patrick’s favourite thing is to watch Best Mate running at full stretch on the heath, a speeding bullet, a cheetah-dog. Until one day Best Mate is kidnapped by a greyhound trainer, and begins a new life as a champion race dog. Suzie, the greyhound trainer’s step-daughter, loves Best Mate on first sight and gives him a new name, Bright Eyes. But what will happen when he can’t run any more?

Another emotional story about the friendship between dogs and their owners. Reading this story and discussing it in the family made us wonder, whether we could possibly have such a good friend....

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Allen & Sandra Parton: Endal - How one extraordinary dog brought a family back from the brink

The remarkable story of Endal, voted ‘Dog of the Millennium’, and how, through his remarkable skills, companionship and unstinting devotion, he gave Allen Parton a reason to live again. Allen Parton was seriously injured while serving in the Gulf War. He lost the use of both of his legs, plus all memories of his children and much of his marriage. He was left unable to walk, talk or write - isolated in his own world. After five years of intensive therapy and rehab, he was still angry, bitter and unable to talk. Until a chance encounter with a Labrador puppy - Endal - who had failed his training as an assistance dog on health grounds. They 'adopted' each other, and Endal became Allen's reason to communicate with the outside world, to come to terms with his injuries, and to want to live again. Not content with learning over 200 commands to help Allen complete everyday tasks like getting dressed and going out to the shops in his wheelchair, Endal gave Allen the ability to start living again, and to become a husband and father again in his own special way. This is the incredible story of Allen, his wife Sandra, and his family. And, of course, Endal.

Moving, thrilling, fascinating. An emotional and tearful reading.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Michael Morpurgo: War Horse

A stunning wartime classic. In the deadly chaos of the First World War, one horse witnesses the reality of battle from both sides of the trenches. Bombarded by artillery, with bullets knocking riders from his back, Joey tells a powerful story of the truest friendships surviving in terrible times. One horse has the seen the best and the worst of humanity. The power of war and the beauty of peace. This is his story.

Again, a very popular Michael Morpurgo story that I wanted to read to know what it is all about. Fascinating, gripping and full of emotions.