Saturday, 9 May 2009

Kath Kelly: How I lived a year on just a pound a day

Incredible but true story of how one woman lived for a whole year on just a pound a day. Kath Kelly was broke. That was OK, as all her friends were, too. But she had an important event to budget for, just a year away. One drunken night, she made a rash decision: to live on just a pound a day for the next twelve months. In 12 month-by-month chapters, she tells how a mission to cut her spending to the bone showed her another side of herself and of human nature. Through a year like no year she had spent before, she discovered how greed and waste was messing up people to say nothing of the planet and came to see how much fun can be had on a few pennies a day.

This is an entertaining read about the ups and downs of consumerism and the rejection of the same. The tips and tricks on offer are also good to know, although living on a pound a day might be rather extreme...

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