Thursday, 8 May 2008

Alma Alexander: The Secrets of Jin-Shei

At the beginning it was a little slow and I wasn't sure whether I would actually like this book. However, it became more and more intriguing and captivating and so I read the whole story rather quickly as I wanted to know what would happen to all the jin shei sisters. I can truly recommend this novel and I would think it would make a fantastic film, too...

This story takes you on a Journey from a child into old age of a young girl named Tai and her Jin-shei circle. Each sister features her own special talent. Each sister in the Jin-shei circle is living for the other sister. Apart from one sister who expects to be obeyed by her Jin-sei sisters to fulfil every dream she has and orders that must be met at any cost-after all she is the dragon Empress. This is a special bond and takes these girls on a journey in medieval China as they become sisters of the heart. They are not born as family, but chose to be sisters through this special jin shei circle. Tai is the poet or embroiders' daughter she is soft and the most genuine sister, Nhia has a fasination with the temple and the gods and is the washer womens daughter again similar to Tai and has a heart of gold, Yuet is the healer, Quiaan is Guardsman's daughter with a gentle touch and wants to live for the needy and the poor, Xaforn is the Guard-the best trained guard that the guard chamber holds, Tammary, also called Amri is the Gypsy girl that is a fantastic dancer, Khailin is the daughter of a father who has links to the courts - she is fascinated with immortality and death, the gods and the temple sages and then there is Luidan who is the Empress the 'Dragon Empress'. She becomes the dragon Empress after she declares she will run the empire without an Emperor. She takes her Jin shei sister through the most difficult and agonising task to achieve her goals and to defend her Empire against the Ninth Sage Luihin.

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