Saturday, 8 March 2014

Saskia Sarginson: The Twins

Isolte and Viola are twins. Inseparable as children, they've grown into very different adults: Isolte, a successful features writer for a fashion magazine with a photographer boyfriend and a flat in London, and Viola, desperately unhappy and struggling with a lifelong eating disorder. What happened all those years ago to set the twins on such different paths to adulthood? As both women start to unravel the escalating tragedies of a half-remembered summer, terrifying secrets from the past come rushing back - and threaten to overwhelm their adult lives...

Although I found the changing perspectives slightly confusing at the beginning, I genuinely enjoyed the story and was keen to find out more about Issy and Viola. The stories around their mother Rose, their friends Michael and John and their little step-sister Polly were gripping and some twists weren't foreseeable either. The fact that the story is set in 1972 and 1987 makes for an interesting change, as modern technology hadn't got the hold it has nowadays. Some questions remain unanswered, but that makes the story more credible and less clich├ęd.

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