Friday, 2 November 2012

Sarah Herbert Robbins: The Everything Parent's Guide to Raising a Gifted Child

Sarah Herbert Robbins, Med is a curriculum development specialist with advanced degrees in designing programs for gifted children. She currently provides training workshops as well as counseling services for parents of gifted children and teaching professionals. She is a former elementary school teacher with direct experience teaching gifted students in both traditional and self-contained classroom environments as well as gifted programs in public school settings. Sarah currently offers advice, posts news pieces, and shares her methods for parenting gifted children on her website,

This book is an absolute eye-opener. Our child has been diagnosed with a high IQ, but we were not aware of how this would affect social and emotional needs and development. This guidebook provides great insight and links to further research and reading, but also some practical ideas to try out at home. This book has certainly helped us understand our child better.

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