Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Paul Torday: More than you can say

Traumatised by a tour of duty in Iraq, Richard Gaunt returns home to his girlfriend with very little of a plan in mind. Finding it difficult to settle into civilian life, he turns to drink and gambling - and is challenged to a bet he cannot resist. All he has to do is walk from London to Oxford in under twelve hours. But what starts as a harmless venture turns into something altogether different when Richard recklessly accepts an unusual request from a stranger ...

I only got this book as part of a Buy 2 Get 1 Free. I saw the author's name on the book and immediately thought I'd like it, considering how great "Salmon fishing in the Yemen" was. If I'd looked more carefully at the blurb, I certainly would not have chosen this novel. However, I really enjoyed the story. It was a little hard to read at times, when the story turned to Richard's experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan. Overall, though the adventure story-line captured my interest and kept me going. A fascinating read after all.

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