Saturday, 13 August 2011

Jodi Picoult: Keeping Faith

For the second time in her marriage, Mariah White catches her husband with another woman, and Faith, their seven-year-old daughter, witnesses every painful minute. In the aftermath of a sudden divorce, Mariah struggles with depression and Faith begins to confide in an imaginary friend. At first, Mariah dismisses these exchanges as a childs imagination. But when Faith starts reciting passages from the Bible, develops stigmata, and begins to perform miraculous healings, Mariah wonders if her daughter a girl with no religious background might indeed be seeing God.

A great read, as always! The moral dilemma for all characters involved and in particular the strong motherly feelings and instincts are well developed. A must read and unputdownable...

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  1. This was such an enthralling book! I loved reading it. Picoult does such an amazing job portraying what the characters are feeling. I really felt bad for the little girl and all the publicity. I especially felt bad for her mom to have to go through everything she did with her husband. It definitely grabbed me from the first couple pages, and I didn't want to put it down. "Keeping Faith" was a very touching story. I do think I liked "The Pact" better, but I enjoyed the storyline.