Monday, 6 June 2011

Sam Christer: The Stonehenge Legacy

Eight days before the summer solstice, a man is butchered in a blood-freezing sacrifice on the ancient site of Stonehenge before a congregation of robed worhsippers. Within hours, one of the world's foremost treasure hunters has shot himself in his country mansion. And to his estranged son, young archaeologist Gideon Chase, he leaves a cryptic letter ...Teaming up with an intrepid Wiltshire policewoman, Gideon soon exposes a secret society - an ancient international legion devoted for thousands of years to Stonehenge. With a charismatic and ruthless new leader at the helm, the cult is now performing ritual human sacrifices in a terrifying bid to unlock the secret of the stones.

This was a good read, although slightly confusing initially. The story is gripping, but a bit too fanciful for my taste. I chose this read, as it promised to be about Stonehenge, yet, the storyline about the ancient cult and the human sacrifices was not developed as believably as the Da Vinci Code.

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