Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Celia Rees: The Fool's Girl

Violetta and Feste have come to London to rescue the holy relics taken from the church in Illyria by the evil Malvolio. Their journey has been long and their adventures many, but it is not until they meet the playwright William Shakespeare that they get to tell the entire story from beginning to end! But where will this remarkable tale ultimately lead Violetta and her companion? And will they manage to save themselves, and the relics from the very evil intentions of Malvolio.

I picked this book because I had read two previous novels written by Celia Rees and because I knew that it had something to do with William Shakespeare. I wasn't sure what exactly to expect, and so was quite happy with the way the story unfolded. Although it was obvious that Rees had done serious research into the era of Elizabeth I and into William Shakespeare's life, it appears that she was daunted by such a prominent era in history and so didn't touch upon history too much but instead relied on her creativity. I certainly enjoyed the read and found it intriguing to see William Shakespeare in a different light, although I also admit that my knowledge of The Twelfth Night was not good enough to see some of the similarities. Overall, I think this is a nice way to introduce Shakespeare to Young Adults, although the love stories and romantic notes were sometimes impeding the reading.

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