Friday, 22 April 2011

Diane Chamberlain: The lies we told

After witnessing the murder of their parents, Maya and Rebecca Ward had only each other to cling to in their teenage years and beyond. Now both doctors, they have developed very different coping strategies since the tragedy. Daredevil Rebecca races off to disaster sites with an international team of doctors whilst Maya is content in her quiet medical practice and life with her husband Adam. When a hurricane devastates north Carolina, Maya is feared dead. Adam and Rebecca are left to mourn and hope for a miracle but as the days pass and hope fades, they face unexpected and unwanted feelings and Rebecca discovers that she's been burying some secrets of her own.

I found out about Diane Chamberlain, as she was compared to Jodi Picoult. It's certainly true that this book has got certain traits of a typical Picoult novel, but it doesn't really match the original. The storyline was flatter, although still interesting and the characters where slightly less realistic. Overall, though, this book made for entertaining reading and certainly won't be my last Chamberlain novel.

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