Thursday, 24 June 2010

Giselle Green: Little Miracles

Julia Fearon arrives in Spain with fiance Charlie and their 18-month old son Haydn, excited to meet his family and plan their forthcoming wedding. But Julia's happiness is short-lived as she must grapple with a clan steeped in tradition, ritual and Catholicism and a day at the beach leads to a terrible tragedy. A freak storm causes chaos and amidst the pandemonium Haydn disappears. Whilst the authorities presume him drowned, Julia is tortured by the possibility that her child is alive - and has been snatched.

This was a great read, as the views of both Charlie and Julia are presented. In places though, I found both characters unlikable, because they both keep too many secrets from one another. I was quite disappointed with the final scene, but overall I found the topic interesting and the emotional side of the topic well-developed.

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