Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Lucy Kellaway: Who moved my blackberry?

Hi! Let me introduce myself. I'm Martin Lukes, Special Projects Director at a-b global (UK). In your hands is a highly unique book, which pushes the envelope literature-wise. As you will see, it is a 120 per cent honest account of a year of my life - a phenomenal year of personal progress, corporate scandal and marital drama. It not only chronicles my promotion to one of the foremost executive positions globally, but is also a profound journey of personal learning, aided and abetted by my coach, Pandora. I am often asked why I want to share my deeply private philosophies with such a wide audience. I always say it is because I am passionate about learning. I have grown from my own mistakes, both in the professional space and the personal one, and I believe that there are many key takeaways for you here too. Who Moved My BlackBerry (TM)? is a creovative(TM) work - to use a phrase of mine that has now entered the business lingo. I anticipate it will be the must-read of 2005. All my very bestest Martin.

What a funny read and what an idiot Martin is... I like the fact that Martin is completely clueless about other people's perspectives and feelings and still thinks he's not selfish. Also, I liked Pandora's life-coaching skills - a whole lot of rubbish in return for a lot of money. This book gives the reader a great insight into the corporate world and how you can rise in ranks by merely coming up with big words nobody understands. I particularly liked Martin's creovative energies and the fact that we never find out what he actually does, or what company he actually works in...

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