Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Georges Simenon: Maigret in Court

In a great courtroom drama, Maigret has to explain why he does not believe that Gaston Meurant was capable of slitting his aunt's throat for money and smothering a small child. But in saving him from the gallows, Maigret must expose some dark secrets about Meurant's life. A painful story of an oppressive domestic tragedy and the compassionate insight of a remarkable detective.

I've had this book for a while now, and as I wanted some light-hearted read in between more serious books, I chose this one from my shelf. This is my first Maigret story, but definitely will not be my last! The story is quick-paced and interesting with all the different characters. I also enjoyed the fact that Maigret is so well in tune with his staff. I only would have wished to learn more about Maigret's private life with Madame Maigret, who seems to be his personal tower in his life...

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