Thursday, 23 July 2009

Emily Barr: The Sisterhood

Elizabeth Greene is devastated when her boyfriend of ten years leaves her for someone else. After a night of drowning her sorrows leads to an unexpected one-night stand, Elizabeth finds herself pregnant, alone and vulnerable.
Helen has just discovered she has a sister she didn't know she had. Bored with her privileged life in France and driven by a need to gain her parents' approval, Helen sets out to find her sister and reunite her with her long-lost mother....

An interesting and fascinating story told from the perspective of three women, Liz, Helen and Helen's mother Mary. And although I expected dark and sinister things to happen, I was still taken by surprise by the ultimate resolution of the story. As a reader, I let myself be equally blinded as Liz and Helen: When Helen is in Liz's room, sees the picture of Liz's mum and quickly turns away, I was asking myself why she would do that but did not pay great attention. Also, I found it strange that Helen's brother Tom always seemed to communicate with Helen only, and yet again, I did not draw the only possible conclusion. A fantastic read!

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