Saturday, 20 June 2009

Jodi Picoult: Change of Heart

Shay Bourne becomes the first person in decades to be sentenced to death in New Hampshire, when he is found guilty of the cold-blooded killing of a policeman and his step-daughter. After eleven years on Death Row, the end is coming for Shay. Until he sees a news piece about a young girl who urgently needs a heart transplant. June's husband and daughter died at Shay Bourne's hands, and she thought her greatest desire was to see him killed. Then her remaining daughter is hospitalised, and she realises that there is something she wants even more: for Claire to live. Shay Bourne is offering June's daughter a miracle - a second chance. But at what cost?

I genuinely enjoy reading Jodi Picoult's books, although I must admit I found it hard to get myself starting to read this one. It's come at a bad time, where death/dying and religion/faith were quite prominent in my own life. So that's why I struggled and had this book for such a long time. I'm sorry...Anyway, about the book:The story about the death penalty and the organ donation is really interesting and I loved Shay. I had actually guessed the story about Elizabeth and Kurt before it was revealed in the book. I also found the book reminded me of The Green Mile (although I haven't read the book, only seen the film). And some aspects I did find exaggerated (Christian's feelings for Maggie, the fact that Maggie's Rabbi father has lost his temple and that Calloway is in that particular prison with Shay and yet this line just hangs in the air).As usual, however, it absolutely astounded me how much research Jodi Picoult must have done to write this book: the entire history of the Gnostics, the laws relating to death penalty, the technicalities of various forms of executions...

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