Monday, 7 July 2008

Nury Vittachi: Der Fengshui-Detektiv/The Feng Shui Detective

Eine Reihe von Kurzgeschichten, die allesamt sehr unterhaltsam und zum Teil sehr unwahrscheinlich und weit hergeholt sind. Der Humor und die asiatischen Weisheiten im Bezug auf Fengshui waren sehr interessant und eine tolle Kombination. Ich werde sicher noch mehr von Nury Vittachi lesen.

CF Wong is a geomancer - or Fung Shui expert, but also a detective; thus giving us the best of a fascinating mystery, within an unusual context. This 'trendy' art is taken very seriously as the author shows his knowledge and expertise in this area; so it is possible to learn a lot about Eastern culture while laughing your socks off!
CF Wong, a serious, contemplative character is lumbered with a loud sassy Australian, and their cultural diversity causes many hilarious moments as they struggle to understand each other.

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