Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Jodi Picoult: Vanishing Acts

Fantastic read with some questions about right and wrong, and how legally right and wrong might not necessarily be morally right or wrong.

"It takes two people to make a lie work. The person who tells it and the one who believes it....."Delia has led a charmed life in rural New Hampshire with her widowed father Andrew. She has a daughter and a handsome fiancé and a job she loves. But one day a policeman knocks at her door and her whole world fractures into something unrecognisable.

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  1. Vanishing Acts was the very worst. She has tried to piece together a patchwork of separate incidents and call it a novel based solely on the fact that the same cast of characters appears on the few hundred pages. If truth be told, a three page summary could be the whole tale. This is sad. I truly feel cheated by this offering, even more so than the disappointment I felt with the 'Humpback' novel.